CNC 3D Letters & Shapes

If you’re looking for value for money in 3D lettering, Grafix offers various low cost choices.

3D letters and logos give a dynamic expression of quality with their refined expression, clean lines, and boldness. The lettering can be made with variation on thickness depending on the material, with the option of adding LED lighting on the back of the characters.

The individual letters or shapes of the signage are CNC routed, giving the product an exact precision and are ideal for either interior or exterior signage.

Foam PVC letters can have a flat, rounded, prismatic or beveled finishing for use in Interior or exterior signage – always a popular choice among our customers

Prismatic would typically come to a point in the centre of the letters and suits a more traditional typeface particularly in a serif style.

Rounded is exactly that. The edges of the letters are routed and sanded to a smooth round finish all over. Beveled means that the corner between the face and sides of letters / logos have been cut away at an angle to enhance the appearance.

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